Repeat Prescription

Our Repeat Prescription module is designed so that you can place your requests online and follow the progress. You can also manage your family member’s prescriptions and keep an eye on the progress.

The system is simple, as soon as your request in placed online then it is sent over to your surgery and within 48 hours the GP would send over your prescription electronically and this is processed by the pharmacy and you would get a text or an email to confirm that the medication is ready for collection.

How can I register and use the system?

Click on the login and a screen will open up to let you register for repeat prescription or register as a customer. Select the Register for repeat prescription and the system will let you add in the details. Once registered, please log in as a patient and you will see all the options on your Dash Board.

Medication List is one of the options on your dashboard, and you can add your drugs and create a list of what is what you request regularly. If you cannot do this yourself, don’t worry our pharmacist will update this for you.

Repeat Prescription will show you your products with an option to click and request the items you need. Once you have placed a request then you will be able to follow the progress of this request.

Repeat Prescription Status will give you progress of your prescription. As soon as the prescription is received electronically the medication will be prepared and you will get an email to confirm that.

Repeat Prescription History will show you the history of your repeat requests.