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What is meningitis?

Meningitis is a serious infection. It occurs when the lining around the brain and spinal cord becomes inflamed. The infection is mostly caused either by bacteria or a virus. Bacterial meningitis can lead to brain damage, deafness, blindness, epilepsy, blood poisoning (septicaemia) and even death. The bacteria can spread to people through prolonged close contact.

Meningococcal bacteria are the most common cause of bacterial meningitis in the UK, and can cause meningitis and septicaemia. There are five main groups but meningococcal group B (Men B) is the most common, accounting for 55% of reported cases of meningococcal meningitis.*

What are the signs and symptoms of meningitis?

Who is at risk?

Meningitis can affect all ages, but it’s more common in babies and young children. The next most vulnerable group is teenagers and young adults because of increased social mixing at these ages, leading to increased spreading of the bacteria. It’s important to know the signs and symptoms listed above as meningitis and septicaemia can strike at any age, with 21% of cases of meningococcal disease due to Men B reported between January and March 2017 occurring in those aged 45 and over.**

How can Lords Pharmacy help?

The NHS currently offers a Men B vaccination as part of the routine childhood immunisations programme in the UK, with vaccinations given at eight weeks and 16 weeks of age, with a booster at 12 months of age. Vaccinating babies helps protect them when they're most at risk.

Lords Pharmacy fully supports the NHS programme to vaccinate this most vulnerable age group. We also recognise that some people may want to consider vaccination for themselves or their children, but they’re outside the age range for the NHS programme. For this reason, we provide a private Men B vaccination service in over 350 Lords pharmacies for adults and children aged two and over.***

If our Meningitis B Vaccination Service is suitable, two vaccinations will be given either a minimum of 8 weeks apart for those aged between two and 10, or a minimum of 4 weeks apart for those aged 11 and over. Any customer can have their second dose at Lords Pharmacy if their first dose was given at another provider, as long as they were over two years of age at the time of the first dose and they meet all the eligibility criteria of the Lords Pharmacy service.

The injections at Lords Pharmacy are given in the upper arm so it's helpful for you or your child to wear short sleeves or loose sleeves that can be rolled up. You'll be asked to stay behind for five minutes after each injection to make sure there are no immediate adverse reactions to the vaccination.

Who is the Lords Pharmacy Meningitis B Vaccination Service suitable for?

The service is suitable for adults and children aged two and above. There are very few people who are not eligible for the service. Your pharmacist will check suitability during the consultation.

How it works


Book an appointment at a participating Lords Pharmacy


Get a first dose of the vaccination, if suitable, after a pharmacist consultation


Return at a later date for the second dose of the vaccination

Speak to our pharmacist

Please Call 020 8852 6292 and talk to our pharmacist

The in-store or a telephone consultation will take short time and put you on the right path.